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Bookstore Information

All college students should be prepared to pay for books and supplies when starting classes; however, for your convenience, if you have more than enough financial aid to cover tuition, you may be able to charge books and supplies in the campus bookstore or online at www.yourschoolyourbookstore.com.

A one-time FINANCIAL AID RELEASE (FAR) is required before books can be charged.  If you have never completed a FAR, you should find a Financial Aid/Bookstore Release (FAR) link available on your Self-Service Student Center panel to complete your FAR.  You only need to complete a FAR one time!  Come to the Financial Aid Office if you need help completing your FAR.

In order to charge books and supplies, "Actual aid" must be more than enough to cover the cost of tuition and fees for the term.  In order to use student loan funds to charge books, both Entrance Counseling (EC) and the Master Promissory Note (MPN) must be completed at www.studentloans.gov.  Expect 48-72 hours for EC and MPN to be confirmed by SKYCTC once completed.  

The STUDENT FINANCIAL AID (SFA) CHARGE PERIOD is limited to the beginning of each term and is subject to change from semester to semester.  The SFA charge period normally begins at least 10 days before the semester starts and lasts for at least the first 9 days.

  • You must bring your student ID card OR a state-issued photo ID AND your KCTCS Student Schedule (with section number) to the bookstore to charge books.
  • The amount charged is placed on your student account as a bookstore charge and collected from financial aid funds when available.
  • Students who charge books are responsible for paying the college in the event financial aid does not cover the bookstore charge.

Want to order your Textbooks online? Need Textbook information? Grab your schedule and go to www.yourschoolyourbookstore.com and simply pick YOUR Campus! (For Online Classes pick KCTCS Distance Leaning.)