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Academic Calendar

Who, what, where, when, and why.

Our academic calendar will tell you everything you need to know about deadlines, registration timetables, tuition due dates, holidays, special events, vacations, and the beginning and end of each semester.  

Fall 2014

August 18  Classes begin
August 21 Last day 100% refund (1st bi-term session)
August 24 Last day 100% refund (16-week session)
September 1 Labor Day (No classes)
September 2  Last day 50% refund first bi-term session
September 15 Last day for "W" first bi-term session
September 16 Last day 50% refund 16 week session
October 10 Final examinations for first bi-term courses
Last day for "W" 16 week session
October 13 - 17 Fall Break (no classes)
October 20 Second bi-term begins
October 23  Last day 100% refund (2nd bi-term session)
November  3 Last day 50% refund (2nd bi-term session)
November 14 Last day for "W" second bi-term
November 27-28 Thanksgiving Break (No classes)
December 4   Class work ends
December 5  Study Day 
December 8-13  Final Examinations 

Summer 2014

 May 12      Classes begin for 1st 6-week session
 May 14         Last day 100% refund (1st 6-week session)
 May 22  Last day 50% refund (1st 6-week session)
 May 26  Memorial Day (No classes)
 June 2      Last day to withdras (1st 6-week session)
 June 19  Last day of classes 1st 6-week session
 June 20  Final examinations for 1st 6-week session 
 June 23  Second 6-week session begins
 June 25  Last day 100% refund (2nd 6-week session)
 July 3  Last day 50% refund (2nd 6-week session)
 July 4     Independence Day (No Classes)
 July 14  Last day to withdraw (2nd 6-week session)
 July 31  Last day of classes (2nd 6-week session)
 August 1  Final examinations (2nd 6-week session)

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