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Proctored Exams

How to Schedule a Proctored Exam

All SKYCTC proctored exams may be taken at any SKYCTC campus. You may schedule an appointment online by visiting

NOTE: If you are registered with Disability Services and require testing accommodations, please call the testing center of your choice to schedule your exam.

If you are outside the SKYCTC service area and choose to have your exam proctored by another KCTCS campus you can find information on other proctored testing facilities by clicking on the following link: To schedule an exam at one of these sites, contact the appropriate person at the number listed or visit the website provided.

A proctored exam is any exam that is administered by an individual who supervises the student while they are taking the exam. All online courses offered by SKYCTC require one proctored exam. Why? This is how the college verifies that the person who is completing the coursework is the same person who registered for the course. You should schedule an appointment for your proctored exam within the first two weeks of your course.

KCTCS Students

KCTCS Proctored Testing Centers – Information on KCTCS Proctored Exam Sites

In a situation where you cannot travel to a KCTCS Proctored Testing Center, you and your instructor should agree on an appropriate proctoring environment such as a library, public school, military base, etc.

Student Responsibilities:

Student Responsibilities for Scheduling Proctored Tests – Information on Student Responsibilities

  • It is your responsibility to provide the following information to the proctor prior to taking your exam: Course number (i.e. BIO 101), section number (i.e. 10Z1), instructor's last name, and your telephone number.
  • You should bring any materials that are allowed for use during your exam such as note sheets, books, etc.
  • Identification is required: You must present a valid photo ID. This may be either a government-issued or KCTCS Student ID. Students without the proper photo ID will not be permitted to take the exam.

Proctoring Costs:

If you are using a KCTCS Testing Center, there will be no proctoring fee for KCTCS students. You are responsible for any costs associated with proctoring outside of a KCTCS Testing Center.

NON-KCTCS Students

All proctored exams for NON-KCTCS testers must be scheduled in advance through Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College by contacting Elaine Yates at (270) 901-1036 or Kara Morgan at (270) 901-1037. There is a $25.00 fee per test that you will need to pay prior to your exam.

Privacy & Security Commitment

The SKYCTC Registrar's Office ensures the safety and security of your academic record. Personnel in the Registrar's Office adheres to FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) guidelines. Each KCTCS college maintains the confidentiality of student educational records in accordance with the provisions of the Act and shall accord all the rights under the Act to students who are declared independent and who are or have been in attendance at a KCTCS college. This policy shall apply to all applicable students, regardless of mode of course delivery.